Updated: October 14, 2020

I am actively following the advice of officials regarding shipping of goods regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. I am doing what I can to ensure that orders are going out in a timely manner. I work alone in my studio, packaging up orders with clean hands and minimal outside exposure. However, please follow CDC guidelines with regards to handling incoming mail and packages.

Please also be aware that mail may be slowed down and packages may take longer than normal to be delivered. If you are in the US and have not seen your package after two weeks from the date of mailing, please contact me and we'll figure out what's going on.

Also, please note that at this time, there are still more than 30 countries that are not taking international shipments. Please ensure your country is receiving before ordering, to prevent any returned shipments. You can find the full list here.

That said, some of the items I offer in my store are fulfilled by a third party, or some of the large prints and metal bookmarks are printed outside my studio, and those items may see delays in shipping.

Here are the items currently affected by the pandemic:

  • All apparel has mostly gotten back to normal fulfillment times of 8-15 business days. Apparel has been reinstated in the shop!
  • Throw blankets are back! However, printing times are similar to apparel and may take about two weeks for shipping.

During this time, your patronage is immensely appreciated, as most of my shows continue to be cancelled during this pandemic, leaving this my sole source of income.

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