Greeting Card Sets
Greeting Card Sets
Greeting Card Sets
Greeting Card Sets
Greeting Card Sets
Greeting Card Sets
Brandi York Fine Art and Random Geekery

Greeting Card Sets

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Each set contains five 4"x5.5" (10.16cm x 13.97cm) blank greeting cards.

Printed on premium matte stock. Includes an envelope for mailing or gifting.

Each set contains each image pictured - 

Critical Role Mighty Nein -

  • Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows (Jester)
  • Of Cosmos and Consequences (Caleb Widowgast)
  • Forsaken (Yasha)
  • Master of the Game (Matthew Mercer)
  • The Magnificent Bastard (Mollymauk Tealeaf)

Critical Role Vox Machina - 

  • The Only Way to Really Grow (Vex'ahlia)
  • Earn Your Life Again (Percy de Rolo)
  • My Strength is in My Friends (Grog Strongjaw)
  • And I Walk Away... (Vax'ildan)
  • All of These Things I've Learned (Keyleth)

Tabletop Nouveau - 

  • La Combattante - The Fighter
  • La Rôdeur - The Ranger
  • La Druide - The Druid
  • La Magicien - The Wizard
  • La Paladin - The Paladin

Tabletop Tarot -

  • I - The Magician
  • VIII - Strength
  • XXI - The World
  • Queen of Cups
  • Queen of Swords

Pop Culture -

  • Woman of Wonder - Wonder Woman
  • Toss a Coin - The Witcher
  • To the World - Good Omens
  • Mother of Dragons - Game of Thrones
  • Conjure By It At Your Own Risk - The Dresden Files