Critical Role - And I Walk Away - Vax’ildan Print
Critical Role - And I Walk Away - Vax’ildan Print
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Critical Role - And I Walk Away - Vax’ildan Print

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Oh Vax'ildan, how you stole our hearts. Okay, bad rogue jokes aside, it's hard to deny the effects Vax had on Vox Machina (and us) as the story unfolded. From rogue to champion of the Raven Queen, his bond with his sister and the rest of Vox Machina just made it that much harder when he had to walk away...

Vax'ildan wears the Deathwalkers Ward, wings unfurled, holding Whisper. Behind him, the quintessential "dagger dagger dagger" motif and around him are snowdrops, which mean "hope" among other meanings to the end of the story.

This artwork is printed on archival 69lb. Luster paper with Canon inks. The luster paper gives the print a little shine without being glossy. This allows the colors to pop without much glare bouncing back. The paper is a nice weight without being flimsy, and the ink and paper are both archival, meaning the print will not degrade over time, while the colors remain bright and true to the original without fading. (As with all artwork and photographs, do not display in an area that gets excessive direct sunlight.)

**8″x12″ is on 9″x13″ paper and has a a 1/2″ border around the image**

**12″x18″ is on 13″x19″ paper and has a 1/2″ border around the image**

Prints are carefully rolled in a protective sleeve, and shipped in a heavy cardboard tube to help protect it in transit.

Website watermark will not appear on the print. All prints are unframed. Color of actual print may vary depending on your monitor settings.