European Union Shipping

Due to the changes to VAT collection for shipments heading to the European Union, I can no longer take orders via this website that are destined for any country in the EU. If you wish to purchase from me, please visit my Etsy shop. If the item(s) you are looking to purchase is not available there, but is here, please send me a message and I will create a listing on Etsy just for you.

Why do I have to purchase through Etsy?
Due to the new VAT rules in 2021, all international sellers must collect and remit VAT on purchases shipping into the EU. This new system has a zero threshold for sellers outside the EU, creating a significant burden on any small business that previously made shipments into the EU. Etsy, on the other hand, is considered a marketplace website, and therefore they are responsible for collecting and remitting VAT on purchases shipping to the EU.

But I'm not in the EU, so why can't I purchase from you?
Due to the sheer number of countries in the world, I currently have shipping profiles available to countries to which I have shipped in the past that are not in the EU. If you wish to purchase from me and are not in the European Union, please contact me so that I can set up a shipping profile for your location.