A framed print featuring the 8 members of the Might Nein
The 8 members of the Might Nein - Top Row: Caleb, Fjord, Caduceus, Yasha; Bottom Row: Beau, Molly, Jester, Nott
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Critical Role - The Mighty Nein 20x30 Print

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 Welcome to the Mighty Nein! Featuring all 8 characters from Campaign 2 of Critical Role!

Blade of the Deeps (Fjord) 
Forsaken (Yasha) 
The Magnificent Bastard (Mollymauk Tealeaf) 
Of Cosmos and Consequences (Caleb Widowgast) 
Pride and Disaster (Beauregarde) 
Sugar and Spice and Shinies (Nott the Brave) 
Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows (Jester Lavore) 
Tea and Tranquility (Caduceus Clay)

Printed on 69lb archival paper with high quality inks.

Prints will be shipped in protective sleeves and a cardboard tube.

Website watermark will not appear on the print. All prints are unframed. Color of actual print may vary depending on your monitor settings.