The Tabletop Tarot deck box, with four cards above, laying on a striped scarf.
Ten tarot cards lay in two fans of five cards, with the rest of the cards stacked above it, on a striped scarf.
22 cards of the Major Arcana on a purple background
16 cards from the Cups suit on a purple background
16 cards from the Pentacles suit on a purple background
16 cards from the Swords suit on a purple background
16 cards from the Wands suit on a purple background
Brandi York Fine Art and Random Geekery

Tabletop Tarot - A Tabletop and Art Nouveau Inspired Tarot Deck

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Where tabletop fantasy games, art nouveau, and tarot collide... A fantasy realm of healers and warriors, triumph and tragedy.

This Rider-Waite-Smith clone carries much of the same traditional symbolism as the most well known of tarot decks, with a tabletop gaming twist in an art nouveau style. These 78 full color cards are printed on smooth 330gsm paper - not too thick to shuffle, but not flimsy either! The cards are a standard tarot size - 2.75" x 4.75" (7cm x 12cm). Included is a two piece box and a small guide book.

Due to VAT regulations, if you are outside the US or Canada and wish to order this deck, please visit my listing on Etsy.

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Customer Reviews

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Very nice! Good cardstock, easy shuffle, and great art!

Can't say enough good things!

If your at all a nerdy human definitely check these out! Not only is the art lovely but you'll notice many many oh hey thats this character or a reference to this character cool! Plus it's an easy deck to shuffle they are a little larger than playing cards but not so big you can't shuffle them which is a problem I've definitely had and has kept some decks out of rotation for me! Definitely worth it go get it!


Absolutely beautiful tarot cards!