La Paladin - The Paladin Enamel Pin
La Paladin - The Paladin Enamel Pin
La Paladin - The Paladin Enamel Pin
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La Paladin - The Paladin Enamel Pin

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Wear your geeky art in style!

The Details -
2.25" (57.15mm) tall hard enamel pin
Shiny black nickel metal
7 enamel colors, plus screen printed details
2 posts for extra support and security, with black rubber clutches
Comes on a backing card

The pin will ship in a bubble mailer with tracking, to make sure your pin arrives safe and sound!

Screen colors are approximate. Actual hard enamel color may vary slightly from the computer match and the metal outline will have a greater depth and shine.

Standard Pins have minimal to no flaws, while Seconds have minor flaws that are more noticeable, but do not overall detract from the small piece of art. For more information on Standards and Seconds, and how I determine the difference, please click here. Due to the nature of purchasing a "Seconds" enamel pin, these pins are non-returnable because of flaws.

Dice in photos not include in purchase. The dice dragon likes her shiny click clacks.