Tabletop Tarot - Queen of Swords - Print
Tabletop Tarot - Queen of Swords - Print
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Tabletop Tarot - Queen of Swords - Print

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Queen of Swords

The human warlock, a renowned queen, holds up her sword which she uses to cut away the masks and find the truth. A sharp, independent woman, she is diplomatic but also demanding and seeks to be impartial in her judgements. Her left hand is raised, inviting you to speak the truth, for she will see through the lies and deceit. The butterfly on her crown represents the transformations she had to endure to be who she is today, while the clouds speak of revelations. The roses surrounding her promise new beginnings, though you may get pricked by thorns along the way.

    Keywords: Logic, intelligence, eloquence, objectivity, power

Part of the Tabletop Tarot project - a complete tarot deck, based on the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, with influence from fantasy tabletop gaming!

This artwork is printed on archival 69lb. Luster paper with Canon inks. The luster paper gives the print a little shine without being glossy. This allows the colors to pop without much glare bouncing back. The paper is a nice weight without being flimsy, and the ink and paper are both archival, meaning the print will not degrade over time, while the colors remain bright and true to the original without fading. (As with all artwork and photographs, do not display in an area that gets excessive direct sunlight.)

**8″x12″ is on 9″x13″ paper and has a a 1/2″ border around the image**

**12″x18″ is on 13″x19″ paper and has a 1/2″ border around the image**

**20"x30" is at size with a 0.125" (1/32") border**

Prints are carefully rolled in a protective sleeve, and shipped in a heavy cardboard tube to help protect it in transit.

Website watermark will not appear on the print. All prints are unframed. Color of actual print may vary depending on your monitor settings.