Tabletop Tarot - Queen of Swords Throw Blanket
Tabletop Tarot - Queen of Swords Throw Blanket
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Tabletop Tarot - Queen of Swords Throw Blanket

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The human warlock, a renowned queen, holds up her sword which she uses to cut away the masks and find the truth. A sharp, independent woman, she is diplomatic but also demanding and seeks to be impartial in her judgements. Her left hand is raised, inviting you to speak the truth, for she will see through the lies and deceit. The butterfly on her crown represents the transformations she had to endure to be who she is today, while the clouds speak of revelations. The roses surrounding her promise new beginnings, though you may get pricked by thorns along the way.
Keywords: Logic, intelligence, eloquence, objectivity, power

Super soft, highly detailed 50"x60" throw blanket. Simply amazing to cuddle up with on cold days!

• 100% polyester
• Soft silk touch fabric
• Printing on one side
• White reverse side
• Machine-washable